Blah   Gianni

You smiled, you giggled, you blushed. Do you actually think I never noticed, Sarah?

You stabbed me with that smile last Sunday when I complimented your dress. I was so happy thinking things would be easy. I was happy knowing I could always get close to you.

How do you do it? How do you become my friend and then a sweet I must have in just one afternoon?

I’ve been thinking about it for a week and I just can’t seem to understand how, after firing an arrow at my heart, you leave.

You’ve disappeared from my life, Sarah. Or has it always been this way and I’d never notice because I didn’t give you this much attention then?

Fuck your friends and be with me. Am I too late? You left me for him. I laugh because you were never really mine. It’s him isn’t it? It’s Marshall.


I carried these with me: lip balm, my wallet, compassion, wishes, and my love for you. But they’ve become a burden. You never realized the butterflies you gave me were flying away. You never realize you were giving them to me in the first place.

Remember last Sunday at the park? We played hide and seek. Ready or not Gianni, I am going to love the shit out of you. But I’m done.

You complimented me on my dress, and I was glad because I wanted to impress you, but I realized that’s all that will ever happen. Compliments between friends. Greetings in the morning.

Never a kiss goodnight.

When he came along I was glad. I know he wants to be with me. Gianni he’s a great guy and I know you know that. He’s who I’ve decided to be with. It’s him, it’s Marshall.